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Our top prize-winning honours

CLAAS UniTech Engineering Student Competition

In the finals of the CLAAS UniTech Engineering Student Competition, held in April 2018, engineering students put the might of agricultural machines to the test on the premises of CLAAS Hungária Zrt. in Törökszentmiklós — machines that the students had built themselves. In the course of the three-round finals, a professional jury decided which machines were the fastest, the most heavy-duty, and — just as importantly — had the best harvesting capacity.

Second-year engineering students from John von Neumann University — András Baji, Károly Farmosi and Csaba Birkás — built a tandem combine, which was simultaneously operated by two of them while the third member of the team gave operating instructions over the phone. Our students won the competition, and brought home a prize of one million Hungarian forints, as well as an opportunity to visit the CLAAS headquarters in Germany.

Pneumobile Competition

In 2018, the Jok-Air team of John von Neumann University won the 11th International Aventics Pneumobile Competition.

The race, which showcased numerous innovative solutions and provided the viewing public with many an exciting moment in the “Archbishop’s Garden” in Eger, was organised with the participation of 36 teams from 20 universities and nine countries. Thanks to an equally talented field of competitors, each event was won by a different team.

After combining the intermediate results, the Kecskemét team came out on the top and were awarded the “Best Pneumobile of Aventics 2018” trophy, as well as the accompanying prize of one million Hungarian forints.


Eddie – 3D scanning and augmented reality in education
We are convinced that the learning process could be a lot more interesting and more interactive for the young people with the help of modern technologies. The presence and the usage of the smartphones is natural for today’s young generations, although they do not use their inherent potential for example for educational purposes. Eddie is a hybrid of a smartphone application and a school book. The school book would keep its original form, but we would make the application fit for the given subject. The already existing pictures in the schoolbooks would work as a special indicator, which our application could read. The application would show different contents virtually in AR (Augmented Reality), based on the scanned image. The shown content could be a 3D model, animation or video.

"The forms of communication, the head-on teaching and learning (which are used in nowadays education) are not enough to fulfil the needs. Receiving and processing information are much more different for today’s generation, thanks to the accelerated technical evolution and to the huge information flood. Teachers still use the traditional educating methods, which are focused on lexical knowledge. Eddie gives a solution for these problems. It brings the kid’s smartphones, which are being used every day into the education. Bringing the smart devices into the education the school teachers can be more effective without purchasing new devices. It gives interest, motivation, excitement for the kids towards the topics, and makes them dive deeper into the curriculums. It helps for the kids during the early days to decide which are those areas what they are interested in. The easiest example is when the student is learning about the cube on mathematics class. Showing a cube in real life is not a challenge, but when the kids have to understand the cube’s mantle, some students have trouble understanding it, because there is no real-life, interactive visualisation tool in the teacher’s hand.”
  • HackBudapest 2nd place
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup national finals – 1st place
  • Women Startup Competition – 1st place
  • Startup Campus University Bootcamp – Part of the top 8 team
  • IDEA Challenge – 3rd place, special award
  • Imagine Cup CEE Semi-Final – Qualified to the world finals
  • Imagine Cup World Finals – Top 5 in Mixed Reality
  • Design Terminal Accelerator 2018 autumn semester – Top 6 teams
  • FutureNow Conference – Top 12 teams
  • Telekom “Tettrekész Díj”







Hungarian Economic Association’s Youth Organization in Kecskemét

The Hungarian Economic Association’s Youth Organization in Kecskemét is the part of Hungary’s oldest and most notable economist organization, the Hungarian Economic Association, settled in the University John von Neumann, as a student organization.

The main mission of the organization is to integrate into a professional organization those motivated economist students, who are interested in this field of science, and besides the university courses they would like to expand their knowledge, get first hand information about the world’s, or the country’s, region’s economic affairs, and economic policies. The organization also considers it a priority mission for community members to find the closest field of activity within the organization this helps students gain the professional knowledge related to their activity.

Our goal is to become the most important student organization in the university and have the University’s most foremost students between our lines.