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SzolnokSzolnok lies in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain known as the capital city of the River Tisza, a Pan-European river that connects five European countries and meets the River Zagyva here. The county seat is surrounded by the undisturbed natural beauty of the two rivers and it is also famous for its thermal water. It is a constantly developing city of 76000 inhabitants about 100 km southeast of Budapest.

Szolnok has been destroyed 14 times during its more than 900 years of turbulent history leaving relatively few buildings of historical interest intact. That is why the town has laid great emphasis on its modernization process in recent years. As a result Szolnok has beautifully restored its main square with the town hall, reconstructed the well-known Szigligeti Theatre and Aba Novák Culture Centre. It has also modernized its sports facilities in the recreational area of the town, called Tiszaliget, which is also the home of College of Szolnok campus completed in 2008. One of the latest developments is the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Central Europe, which connects the centre of the city with the sport and recreational resort of the town, Tiszaliget where you can find the college capus.

Numerous other projects are currently on the way to make Szolnok even more attractive for residents and visitors as well for example the further development of the swimming pool and hot bath, the creation of a sport island and the improvement of the Industrial Park and Logistic center, which won the Investors of the Year 2008 Award and gives home to many Hungarian and multinational companies thanks to increasing number of Foreign Direct Investments.

Visitors can choose from several types of accommodations to stay at:
Four-star hotels:

Three-star hotels:

Other budget places to stay at:

Most of these hotels lie close to the banks of the River Tisza so guests can take long walks on the beautifully lit promenade and parks along the rivers.

The town has an active sports life dominated by the different kinds of water sports like swimming, water polo, diving. Szolnok has even developed a place for international canoeing and kayaking events. There is even a traditional annual rowing competition on the River Tisza between the two prominent high schools. But there are lots of fans of the first league basketball, football, handball or volleyball teams too.    

Szolnok has a lively cultural life as well. Most of the cultural activities are organized by the Aba- Novák Cultural Center, the Verseghy Ferenc Library, the Gallery of Szolnok or the Szigligeti Theatre. If you are a music fan you will be glad to know that several music groups, choirs and even a symphonic orchestra work in town. A lot of people from all different ages participate in belly, folk, modern or ballroom dancing either at professional or amateur level.

Several festivals make Szolnok a place where you want to be. One of the most famous ones is the Goulash festival in September, but not long before that you can see a spectacular water and air parade assisted by the Hungarian helicopter force which is stationed near Szolnok. Summer begins with a three-day long May Fly festival with a fair and lots of concerts. In spring you can relive the Battle of Szolnok with horses and Hungarian hussar (light cavalry) costumes.

Szolnok is also known to be the town of students because the citizens of the large number of schools and of course the college give it a special atmosphere. On top of that College of Szolnok will give home to the annual meeting of students of higher education in Hungary with lots of special programs and fun in July 2011. Several entertainment facilities in town specialize in providing you an unforgettable Szolnok experience.