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Students’ Union

The aims of the Students’ Union:

  • Advocate for students’ interests in all questions pertaining to students, and in all university-, regional- and national-level bodies and forums.
  • Exercise students’ collective rights to make decisions and proposals, their right to approve and to control procedures, and their right to be consulted. These rights are conferred to the Students’ Union by the “Act on Higher Education” and other pieces of legislation, University and Faculty regulations, and Senate and Faculty Council decisions.

The duties of the Students’ Union:

  • Take part in the work of higher educational representative organisations.
  • Support the communal activities of students (e.g. professional, academic or sporting associations), as well as the efforts of self-organised student groups.
  • Investigate students’ problems and take appropriate measures to remedy them.
  • Use available communication channels to inform students continuously about the work of the Students’ Union, university-related issues, calls for applications, scholarships, grants, and job opportunities.
  • Promote a vibrant university life by organising cultural and traditional programmes.
  • Enhance the development of students’ professional, cultural and other relations in Hungary and abroad.



H6000 Kecskemét, Izsáki street 10. downstairs

Opening hours:  9.30 -16.00 every weekday

You can reach us through the facebook page of John von Neumann University as well:




Csaba Gere (GAMF), Emese Szelei-Kis (Faculty of Economics and Business)


Lili Zorka Nyakas (Faculty of Economics and Business)

General president

Gábor Mezei (Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science GAMF)

Marketing vice President

Balázs Mátics (Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science GAMF)

Public relations and foreign affairs president

Helga Migaskó (Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development)

Academic president

Evelin Nagy (Teacher Training Faculty)

Disciplinary president

Bernadett Kocsis (KVK)

Student welfare president

Patrik Attila Őz (GAMF)

Cultural president

Evelin Fodor (GTK)

Dormitory president 

Adrienn Fanni Stefkó (PK)