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Stipendium Hungaricum

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The John von Neumann University in Kecskemét and Szolnok was formed from the merger of Kecskemét College and College of Szolnok on July 1st 2016. It is likely to become the leading research and innovation centre of the region, and also an institution of higher education, which is recognised internationally.

Full-Degree Programmes offered in English 7 semesters:

Bachelor’s Programme (BSc) in Computer Science Engineering (Kecskemét)

The objective of the programme is to train and educate engineers who are able to install, exploit and maintain information technology based systems and services including the design and development of the necessary software systems as well. The graduates are able to progress into a Master of Science Degree Programme in Computer Science Engineering and/or are prepared to embark upon a professional career in the field.


Bachelor’s Programme (BA) in Tourism and Catering (Szolnok)

The primary aim of the programme is to provide students with an understanding and skills of hospitality and catering issues in an international context. The Bachelor of Science in Tourism & Catering will equip them with an adequate knowledge in economics, social sciences, business, communication skills, foreign languages and specific skills in the field of tourism to be able to organise and manage enterprises and business in an international environment.


Bachelor’s Programme (BA) in Commerce and Marketing (Szolnok)

The purpose of the training is to train economic professionals with commercial and marketing skills, economic and business skills, who are able to supply and sell various products and services demand-driven, and to organize and manage the commercial activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. They are ready to pursue their studies in Master's degree.