John von Neumann University



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Students’ Union

The aims of the Students’ Union:

  • Advocate for students’ interests in all questions pertaining to students, and in all university-, regional- and national-level bodies and forums.
  • Exercise students’ collective rights to make decisions and proposals, their right to approve and to control procedures, and their right to be consulted. These rights are conferred to the Students’ Union by the “Act on Higher Education” and other pieces of legislation, University and Faculty regulations, and Senate and Faculty Council decisions.

The duties of the Students’ Union:

  • Take part in the work of higher educational representative organisations.
  • Support the communal activities of students (e.g. professional, academic or sporting associations), as well as the efforts of self-organised student groups.
  • Investigate students’ problems and take appropriate measures to remedy them.
  • Use available communication channels to inform students continuously about the work of the Students’ Union, university-related issues, calls for applications, scholarships, grants, and job opportunities.
  • Promote a vibrant university life by organising cultural and traditional programmes.
  • Enhance the development of students’ professional, cultural and other relations in Hungary and abroad.

Student Service Centre

The Student Service Centre of John von Neumann University has extensive duties. By offering services necessary for building a successful career, it helps to strengthen relations between students and companies, helps students along their career paths, and facilitates work-placement opportunities — both during their studies and after graduation.


  • Enrolment, career guidance
    • inform prospective students before their entrance exams
    • support and coordinate enrolment
    • receive groups of secondary-school students
  • Career
    • publish job offers, apprenticeship and student job opportunities
    • keep in touch with students, faculty members, and external partners
    • provide guidance in how to write CVs and letters of motivation
    • organise trial job interviews
    • organise professional events: job fairs, professional talks, factory visits
  • Alumni/Graduate Tracking System (”DPR”)
    • contact the alumni
    • facilitate the organisation of alumni reunions
    • operate Graduate Career Tracking System (“DPR”)
  • Nurturing talent
    • promote student competitions
    • support the work of the Bethlen István College For Advanced Studies (research groups and specialist committees); recruitment, administration, event organisation



Alumni (“graduates”) is the plural form of the Latin alumnus, meaning: “male graduate”. The feminine singular form is alumna.

The aim of John von Neumann University is to maintain relations with its former students, as well as with those of its legal predecessors (i.e. Kecskemét College, Szolnok College, Pallasz Athéné University), even after their graduation. In June 2018, one-time GAMF students were able to meet again at their 30-year jubilee reunion, organised by Study Group 309.


 Student allowances and scholarships

The Payments and Allowances Regulations of John von Neumann University, which each freshman receives as an Appendix to the University Catalogue, describes the various grants and scholarships available at the University.

Study grants are awarded by the Student Welfare Committee, and are based on the principles established in the Regulations.

Social grants are geared towards those students who attend a full-time, state-funded undergraduate programme on a state-sponsored (full or partial) scholarship, or a higher vocational training programme, and who have special financial needs.

Regular social grants offer applicants a monthly allowance for one study period. Students must apply for social grants and certify their eligibility. Extraordinary social grants constitute a lump-sum payment allocated on the basis of individual requests, and aim to provide relief for students who are in immediate need of social or financial assistance.


Grants and scholarship programmes available:

National Higher Education Scholarship (formerly: Fellowship granted by the Republic)

Professional Traineeship Grant

Ujvári János Thesis Paper Scholarship

Kecskemét City Scholarship

Hungarian Sport Stars Scholarship Programme

Grants and scholarships awarded by the individual Faculties:

Scholarships of Pallas Athéné Domus Educationis – Faculty of Economics and Business

Professional, Scientific, and Public Scholarship – Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (GAMF)

Szemerey Scholarship – Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (GAMF)

Törös Olga Scholarship – Teacher Training Faculty

Varró János Scholarship – Teacher Training Faculty