John von Neumann University



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 Zoltán Weltsch PhD

Vice-rector for Scientific Affairs

                                              Tamás Fülöp PhD


Norbenrta Sági PhD

Vice-rector for Education


The University’s governance structure

Up until the end of the 20th century, universities in continental Europe were typically governed according to a centralised approach. However, the majority of Western European countries have switched to governance based on the distribution of powers. In these countries, the state participates in the governing bodies of universities in order to ensure control over the functioning of these institutions with regard to all issues that belong to the competence of the governing body.

In Hungary, the “chancellor system”, introduced in 2016, established a dual-governance system in higher educational institutions. Accordingly, our University is governed jointly by the Rector and the Chancellor.

The Rector is in charge of:

-          the academic sphere;

-          the educational portfolio;

-          academic and research activities; and

-          the exercise of employer’s rights over teachers and researchers.

The Chancellor is in charge of:

-          business administration;

-          the budget; and

-          accommodating the needs of the teaching and research staff as efficiently as possible.