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MNB Knowledge Center, Economic Geography and Urban Marketing Center


MNB Knowledge Center,

Economic Geography and Urban Marketing Center


Allow me to introduce myself: I am István Tózsa from Miskolc, Hungary. From the famous grammar school in Sárospatak, I went to Szeged University, where I graduated as a teacher of Geography - English language and literature, and then for 20 years in Budapest at the Geographical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences I dealt with the digital processing of satellite images and with the introduction of environmental Geographical Information systems. Then I also spent 20 years at the National University of Public Administration and its predecessor public administration faculties and at the Department of Economic Geography of the Corvinus University of Budapest as the head of departments and institutes. In 2021, I received the opportunity from the reorganized John von Neumann University in Kecskemét to design and establish a unique geographical workshop, which focuses on the application development of the research methods of the multipolar, network economy and urban marketing in the 21st century.

Urban marketing (including the concept of regional and country marketing) is a relatively new field, initiated by Gregory Ashworth in 1996, which to date has not been integrated into Hungarian higher education courses in marketing, local or regional development. Its occurrence - at the subject level - is contingent (e.g. at the Institute of Marketing of the University of Miskolc or at the Institute of Senior Continuing Education of the National University of Public Service). If the John von Neumann University establishes such a center (interdisciplinary scientific and educational workshop) in the famous city of Kecskemét, it will increase its comparative advantage and uniqueness in all other social and economic university faculties and research organizations in Hungary. The practical significance of the Center for Urban Marketing would be not only to broaden the knowledge of students, but also to the fact that since the introduction of the current Local Government Act, the main task of local governments has been to promote local capital attraction of which urban marketing is the major device. In practice, however, local governments that pay attention to the need for urban marketing at all, unfortunately confuse it with - sectoral - tourism marketing almost without exception.

From 2021, the topic of urban marketing also appears at the John von Neumann University, unlike the educational portfolio of most Hungarian trade and marketing departments. In the Program of International Management and in the programs of Agricultural, Horticultural and Rural Development Engineering of the Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development, our Center provides education in the management of Hungarian values in a unique way in Hungarian agricultural higher education, which can be a comparative competitive advantage in the urban marketing process. It is also very important in the Program of Economics and Management that students can acquire basic knowledge in the system of relations of the open Hungarian economy - both globally, regionally and locally, in foreign economics and foreign policy strategy - through the appearance of geographical subjects. The presence of these geo subjects provided by the Center increases the educational portfolio of agricultural and technical and IT subjects alike. Local marketing, the management of Hungarian national values and the economic-geographical and geopolitical line appear not only in education, but also in research in the Centre's activities. This is in line with the main goal of the Neumann University, namely to ‘be able to integrate into the European and world higher education area with an internationally competitive, broad-based training portfolio, research potential and infrastructure.’ The Neumann University Journal, Gradus In a special issue of 2021/4, the staff of the Center report exclusively on the results of their research on the urban marketing in Kecskemét in 2021:


The research and teaching of the multipolar, networked regional network economy seeks to create an economic-geographical comparative advantage for the young John von Neumann University. In the second decade of the 21st century, the international literature advocates the new geographic methodology after Parrag Khannaconnection geography’, or briefly ‘connectography’, in which not only the economic impact of information flowing on Big Data networks (data-driven economy) but also visual and associative geography combining the virtual world with cartography is also applied. Starting from the former military term, radius geography, which appears in cyberspace, having been regarded borderless, comes into the forefront of research and education in this new Center. So do the geography of identity and talent based on economic innovation. As for the geographic interpretation of the components of Metaverzum, from Virtual Reality to the application of Augmented Reality in the economic space, the Center tries to enrich the toolkit of economic geography in both research and education. The independent electronic publishing interface of the Center from 2022 is the series of publications titled the Hungarian Economic Geography and Urban Marketing Workshop (MGTM), the first study volume of which summarizes the most important results of the research work of the Centre's staff in 2021:


According to our mission, the Center intends to contribute to the increase of the comparative advantage of the University, in the expansion and enrichment of both the educational and research portfolios, in areas that are not emphasized directly anywhere else in Hungarian higher education in technical, agricultural or economics education. At the same time, the demand for their justification is unquestionable. Place marketing knowledge in the field of marketing, regional and rural development is useful. National value and identity management in agricultural education and in the fields of trade, international management and rural development are also required. Finally, network and data-driven economic geography in the context of almost all undergraduate and master's degrees can convey useful additional knowledge to anyone who meets foreign economy, national values, or local governments in the course of their later work. The Center has invited not only the best Hungarian experts in the above-mentioned three fields concerning research and education purposes, but also the best and most renowned foreign experts as guest lecturers, thus contributing to the international prestige of the University.



The research profiles of the Economic Geography and Urban Marketing Center represent the regional trends of economic and social processes in the 21st century:


The education and research portfolio of the Economic Geography and Urban Marketing Center

(1) It allows the invitation of renowned foreign lecturers;
(2) It ensures the introduction of subjects that are currently missing from the choice of Hungarian higher education;
(3) It allows the emergence of national strategic research projects for which there is governmental demand;
(4) According to our plans, the Center enables the building of relations with the Lakitelek National High school projects involved in the Hungarian national strategy. In projects in Miskolc University related to city marketing competitions; in the urban marketing practice with the local government of Kecskemét; the Rural Governments’ Association based in Szentkirály; and the Association of Cities with County Status based in Kaposvár; and the management of the Hungarian foreign economy through a new approach offered by associative geography.
(5) In the medium term, in 2023, the center will launch a master's program in Regional and Environmental Economics in both Hungarian and English with two specializations that will also provide a comparative advantage in the Neumann University's training portfolio: Network Economics and Urban Marketing.


From 2022, the location of the Economic Geography and Urban Marketing Center in Budapest is in the Buda university campus district: 1 Infopark sétány “I” building, within the organizational framework of the MNB Knowledge Center of the John von Neumann University.


The staff of the Center form 2022: