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  • 1993 Merger of the Szolnok branches of the College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism and the College of Foreign trade (both seated in Budapest) – College of Commerce and Economy


  • 2000 Merger of the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, the Teacher Training College of Kecskemét, and the College Faculty of Horticulture of the University Horticulture and Food Industry (seated in Budapest) – Kecskemét College


  • 2000 College of Commerce and Economy adopts the name Szolnok College


  • 2016 1. July Merger of Kecskemét College and Szolnok College – Pallasz Athéné University


  • 2017 1. August Pallasz Athéné University adopts the name John von Neumann University
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John von Neumann University had its 1st International Erasmus Week from 09 April to 12 April 2019

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John von Neumann University

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Why choose Kecskemét?

“The real question is: 'Why shouldn’t you?' Kecskemét is Hungary's eighth-largest city by population, and seventh-largest by area. Having benefited from more than 800 billion Hungarian forints' worth of investment, Kecskemét offers a flourishing infrastructure and real estate market, a multinational corporate environment, a buzzing cultural life, festivals, more than a hundred restaurants, a municipal theatre, a spa and pool complex, and of course, the University itself. I could go on and on, but I simply adore this lovely, liveable and hospitable city — its beautiful main square with the holiday lights, for instance.”

― Zita Finta, Chancellor


Pallasz Athéné University

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