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Located in the middle of Hungary

Kecskemét is situated 85 km south of Budapest between the River Danube and the River Tisza. It is nearly the geographic centre of Hungary. The Southern Great Plain city is easily accessible by train, bus and car from the M5 motorway. Kecskemét is the county seat of Bács-Kiskun, the biggest county in Hungary.

Kecskemét is one of Hungary's most dynamically developing cities. Besides its growing population, its development is reflected by an unemployment rate that has fallen from year to year. This spectacular boom can be put down to industrial developments. In 2012, the Hungarian Government declared its intention to prioritise Kecskemét and its region as a centre for vehicle engineering. In addition to the production plant of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft., currently under expansion, other significant companies also envision their future here. At the same time, the city’s many Art Nouveau-style buildings create a pleasing aesthetic environment.


More and more people live here

Kecskemét is one of the most dynamically developing settlements in Hungary. While the overall population of the country is decreasing, the number of inhabitants in Kecskemét is increasing. According to the 1980 census 92,047 people lived in Kecskemét, but by the year 2012, over 114,000 people inhabited the city. It is estimated that this number will reach 130,000 within the next 10 to 15 years. As a result, Kecskemét will mostly likely become the 7th largest city town in Hungary.

Industrial growth

In the past, agriculture was the dominant commodity in Kecskemét. While produced and processed products it generates remain key to region, the city’s current economic growth is due to industrial development. The Hungarian government declared the city and its surrounding towns as a centre of the automobile industry. Today, the German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz employs approximately 3,000 workers in the area. Knorr-Bremse Ltd recently followed the German car company’s example and created a 5 billion forint complex and Phoenix-Mecano Ltd also invested 2.5 billion forints in the city. This industrial growth has provided an abundance of job opportunities for local and surrounding area residents.

Exciting city life

Kecskemét is an attractive city with businesses, entertainment venues and beautiful public places. Several of the country’s larger supermarket chains, such as Tesco and Spar, are present in Kecskemét. The town square centre offers a variety of shops sure to please even the most demanding customer. There are opportunities to enjoy nature at the swimming pool and outdoor waterpark. For those who want cultural experiences, there is the local theatre, several cinemas, a youth centre and the cultural centre offering daily entertainment events. Kecskemét is a town of festivals too. Residents and visitors enjoy the annual Hírös Hét Festival, the European Union award-winning Csiperó Youth and Children’s Festival, the international Animation Film Festival and the Kodály Zoltán Music Festival.    

Kecskemét is an ideal city for the sports spectator and the physically active. The city’s sports organizations include a football club and a handball association. Kecskemét contains a stadium, a competitive-sized swimming pool and a sports hall. In addition, artificial grass football pitches and tennis courts are scattered throughout the city. On the outskirts of Kecskemét, there is a go-kart track and a sports car complex resembling a Formula-1car circuit.

A beautiful main square

 While local residents appreciate the city’s main square, a recent online poll declared Kecskemét’s commons as the most beautiful in Hungary. The square is a combination of richly-ornamented secessionist buildings – the town hall and the Ornamental Palace – and fountains, shady walkways and multi-coloured flowerbeds. The main square is a popular meeting point among the locals; it is filled with residents going for late in the afternoon and weekend walks. Known as the wine street, it is full of people in the summer listening to local concerts.

 Enjoying the outdoors

Although Kecskemét is not situated on a river bank, its artificial lakes and fishing ponds provide an alternative form of nature appreciation. In addition, the city’s arboretum with its chapel and statues of Hungarian saints offer a spiritual experience for residents and visitors. Parents and their children appreciate its adjoining free over-sized playground. The nearby Csalánosi Forest and the Nyíri Forest, located only a few kilometres from the city, are also free to the public as well.