John von Neumann University



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GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Despite changes in its organizational framework, GAMF has retained its core values for more than 50 years, namely: honouring a commitment to high-level training of engineering and computer science professionals; facilitating broad cooperation with economic actors, while drawing from the latest knowledge and trends in innovation; and cultivating an environment for students that enhances learning, inspires the gifted, and helps those who are falling behind.

Faculty location and environs

In addition to educational buildings, workshops and laboratories, the Faculty campus, located near the city centre, hosts a library, a sports hall and various sporting grounds. The main hall of the central educational building, the IT space of the library, and a landscaped and shaded courtyard all provide community-friendly areas for socialising. In recent years, the Faculty has benefited from several billions of Hungarian forints' worth of EU funding: workshops and laboratories have been upgraded to modern standards, and new tools and equipment have been procured.