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Erasmus+ information

2nd International Erasmus Week

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International Week

25-29 April 2022


John von Neumann University, Kecskemét, Hungary (HU KECSKEM03) invites you to participate and share your knowledge and expertise with its students and colleagues. The idea of establishing this event is providing our students international experience at home.

Hence, guest lecturers are requested to present of their choice emphasising the given field’s latest challenges. We welcome lectures from the discipline areas of:

Faculty of Economics and Business:

      • Business Administration and Management,
      • Marketing,
      • International Relations

GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

      • IT,
      • Mechanical Engineering,
      • Vehicle Engineering,
      • Logistics

Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development

      • Horticultural Engineering,
      • Agricultural Engineering,
      • Rural Development and Agricultural Engineering

During the International Week You will have possibilities:

  • to learn more about John von Neumann University,
  • to network with other international guest lecturers from our partner universities,
  • to visit the best places in our beautiful city.

The University can accept a maximum of two applications per partner institution and applicants will be notified on a first come, first serve basis, so we would like to ask you to register as soon as possible.


 Practical information

You are invited to represent your institution with flyers and/or other promotional materials. This is an opportunity to promote academic exchanges in general and home institution in particular, to local students. Over this promotion we organise workshops for you to find together the adequate responses to the newest challenges rising on the international relations’ field.

Deadline: preliminary application until 31 March 2022


There is no participation fee. We expect the delegates to cover travel, accommodation and other expenses through/from the ERASMUS+ funds for staff mobility.


Colleagues from higher educational institutions with Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements with John von Neumann University will be provided with an Erasmus+ certificate. Please, ask for the necessary papers for an Erasmus+ Staff Exchange from your international office.

For further information according to the teaching hours or you have any questions concerning the Erasmus+ organisational matters, please contact at


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Practical information for Erasmus students

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Temporary student ID card

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Erasmus students are provided with a Hungarian temporary student ID card with which they can have the same advantages as Hungarian students e.g. reduced fares for all public transport, reduced-price entrance tickets for museums, Youth Hostel accommodation and library membership.

You will receive this Student ID Card from your institutional coordinator on the first day of the Orientation Days. It is valid for 60 days, as written on the document. You will have to ask for a new one at the Administration Office at your Faculty. Don’t worry, your Buddy will help you. :)


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