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International Office

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John von Neumann University International Office integrates international relations into the main profiles – training, research, education development- of the university. It is a central unit controlling and coordinating international activities of teachers and students, cooperating and sharing responsibility with each department – its head or representative - having international relations.

The tasks of the International Office: 

The International Office fulfils a strategic and operative role so that international relations could become integrated into the everyday life of our college. The office takes the short and long term aims of the college into consideration and harmonizes them with the international relations.

The aims of the International Office:

  • to support and maintain the already existing internal and international relations,
  • to take part in writing applications to initiate new internal and international partnerships,
  • to find financial sources to support international relations,
  • to promote PR-activities of the institution,
  • to organize and coordinate teacher, student and staff mobility in the college and welcome foreign guests,
  • to make travel and accommodation arrangements for staff and students travelling abroad based on a common agreement.

Mrs. Krisztina Marton, Kósáné - Institutional Erasmus Coordinator


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