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John von Neumann: The man behind the name

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The long-term objective of John von Neumann University is to become a “citadel” for state-of-the-art education, research, development and innovation (R&D&I), technology transfer and services in Hungary and East-Central Europe, contributing to the creation of a knowledge-based European society and preserving the educational and cultural traditions of its predecessors.

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Student allowances and scholarships

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The Payments and Allowances Regulations of John von Neumann University, which each freshman receives as an Appendix to the University Catalogue, describes the various grants and scholarships available at the University.

Study grants are awarded by the Student Welfare Committee, and are based on the principles established in the Regulations.

Social grants are geared towards those students who attend a full-time, state-funded undergraduate programme on a state-sponsored (full or partial) scholarship, or a higher vocational training programme, and who have special financial needs.

Regular social grants offer applicants a monthly allowance for one study period. Students must apply for social grants and certify their eligibility. Extraordinary social grants constitute a lump-sum payment allocated on the basis of individual requests, and aim to provide relief for students who are in immediate need of social or financial assistance.

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