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Coronavirus (Covid-19) alert!


Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that the observance of the Hungarian epidemiological rules is also obligatory for the foreign citizens staying here. The laws of Hungary must be observed in all cases, this is especially important in the current emergency. Violations may result in penalties.

Please be informed about the current epidemiological rules and be careful in everyday life.

I wish you good health! We look forward to seeing you back in our classrooms!

Kind regards,

Norberta Sági PhD

Vice-rector for Education

John von Neumann University



Dear University Citizens,

please continue to follow the advice and guidelines offered by national and international authorities:


World Health Organisation:

Official Hungarian site of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19):






With regard to the Government Decree on Emergency Proclamation 40/2020. (III. 11.) of 11 March 2020  and based on 41/2020. (III.11.), I hereby issue the following order:

§ I will order an extraordinary rector's educational holiday at John von Neumann University commencing on 14 March 2020.


§ An extraordinary spring holiday will be ordered for students at John von Neumann University from 16 to 21 March 2020.


§ From 23 March 2020 John von Neumann University ill be offering distance-learning education until cancellation of this order.


§ During the periods referred to in § 1, § 2 and § 3, a ban of visiting will be in force in all buildings of the John von Neumann University until further notice.


§ During the rector's holiday, the spring holiday and the distance education period the work of academics, researchers, teachers, staff and functional staff of the higher education institution will be continuous.


§ This order shall enter into force on the day of its publication and shall remain in force until revoked.

Tamás Fülöp  PhD, Rector

Kecskemét, 12 March 2020




Dear University Citizens,

According to the government decision dated March 11, 2020, the government declared an emergency due the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the government decision, the following provisions will enter into force at John Neumann University until revocation.


Provisions concerning students

Face-to-face classes, consultations and examinations in both full-time and correspondence courses are suspended until further notice. Please be informed through the Neptun System and NMS interfaces of the courses. If you have any problem using this system, please send an email to

This provision only means the absence of face-to-face classes, consultations and exams, but does not imply a change in the semester schedule and does not affect the completion of the courses.

This provision also encompasses the full-time practical training of the Teacher Training Faculty, which means that no partipcipation in practical training will be possible. However regional practices and correspondence students' practices are not affected, unless restricted by the host institution.

Under this provision even small group personal consultations must not be held.

According to the government decision the university infrastructure (library, dormitory, university sports facilities, vehicle-workshops and other public places of the university) may not be used. Students residing in Hungary have to leave the dormitory until 16.00 on March 12, 2020. In special circumstances, the head of the dormitory, Károly Roza may be contacted at

Based on the above, sport events organised by the university are also suspended.

Student administration is conducted only by means of electronic technology.

In all other respects, the institutional action plan issued on 11 March 2020 will remain valid, please comply with this.


Kecskemét, 11 March 2020


                                                                          Tamás Fülöp PhD                                          Ildikó Nagy

                                                                                Rector                                            Chief financial officer





Hungary has declared a state of emergency in the entire country due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), according to the announcement made by the Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, Gergely Gulyás announced at the daily press conference of the Hungarian government's coronavirus task force. The Minister said that the move is necessary to avoid community the spread of the virus in the community.

The state of emergency (technically, a "state of danger") is a so-called special legal order defined in the Fundamental Law of Hungary which allows the government to introduce a number of extraordinary measures by decree and to suspend the application of certain laws in order to mitigate a natural or industrial disaster. It remains in effect for fifteen days unless Parliament authorises the government to extend it. 

The special legal order allows the government to halt air traffic or public transportation, order quarantines in certain areas (or even evacuations), restrict usage of public spaces, or even to prescribe civil defence obligations or to draw companies under temporary state control. Once again, these are measures permitted only by the state of emergency, including measures that have been announced. Once the state of emergency ends, all specially authorised government decrees also lose their effect.

Extraordinary measures announced by Gulyás:

Universities will only provide 'remote' tuition.


For more information:




Action plan of the John von Neumann University regarding the coronavirus pandemic

11 March 2020


Dear University 'Interns' and Colleagues,

Due to the epidemiological situation caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) diseases, the following plan of action and the most important current information is provided herewith.

The University's management has decided not to organize foreign professional programmes in the affected areas or to allow university citizens to travel abroad (Erasmus and other professional visits) until the new coronavirus pandemic subsides; furthermore we are requesting the postponement of the reception of delegations and invited persons from 'badly affected areas', and international, professional and scientific programmes are asked to postpone organised until later dates.

As part of this measure, and in order to protect the health of our students, teachers, staff, partners and the whole city

  • the University leadership will not allow Erasmus and other international visits until 15 April 2020;
  • the University ill not accept foreign teachers or students in the context of The Erasmus Mobility Programme before 15 April 2020;
  • already outgoing students and academics in the Erasmus Mobility Program must voluntarily stay away from university for 14 days after returning to Hungary, in case of any symptom of illness, seeking medical care immediately;
  • due to the pandemic the University will cancel and postpone the organization of its international programs to be held until 15 May 2020 (International Erasmus Week);
  • the University will cancel or postpone the professional, scientific, educational and student events of over 50 people (Állásbörze, Kecskemét University Days, Hírös Free University, MKT Business Wednesday).

Depending on the current epidemiological situation the above measures may be prolonged or revoked.

We strongly urge university students not to travel to or receive visitors from a country badly affected by the spread of coronavirus. In the case of international private travels after 15 February, information must be provided to the email address (location, time of stay) and must voluntarily stay away from university for 14 days after returning to Hungary.

If you know about a student, teacher or staff member who has travelled to a badly affected area for a university program, or even for a private trip, please inform immediately. Students and academics/staff who have been in a badly affected area should, as far as possible, not go into the community 'at large' and if they have symptoms of coronavirus – fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue – they should stay at home, call their GP or the university doctor (Dr. Géza Baltás: +36/70/3850712) or call the National Center for Public Health on +36/80/277 455.

In order to support the work of the National Operational Group we must regularly provide information about academics, students and staff who have traveled in areas where the spread of the coronavirus is suspected or confirmed, or who may have been in contact with an infected person. A questionnaire has been sent electronically to university 'interns' to identify the students, faculty and staff involved. In case of any problems please complete and return it to The questionnaire can be downloaded here.

The University will make every effort to provide the students with appropriate curriculum in electronic form and provide distance learning. Please inform the Directorate of Academic Affairs of any absence related to the infection. The Faculty Leadership may be asked to provide information on the replacement of any tests or exams that may not be taken.


Up-to-date information on the virus can be found at created by the Hungarian Government. The University will regularly inform 'interns' about the measures taken and the steps to be taken on its website, through the Neptun System and its official e-mail system.


Kecskemét, 11 March 2020

Tamás Fülöp PhD                                          Ildikó Nagy

     Rector                                            Chief financial officer