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John von Neumann University

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Institution Erasmus code: HU KECSKEM03

Institution PIC number: 917663748

competitive training, safe future prospects

Pallasz Athéné UniversityThe newest university in Hungary was established on 1 July 2016 as a successor the College of Kecskemét and the College of Szolnok which were integrated by a parliamentary decision. The university – following the traditions of the predecessor institutions – is a significant centre of higher education and research where students on BSc and MSc courses can get their diplomas in Engineering, Information Technology, Economy, Agricultural- or Teacher training

The university - cooperating with its strategical partners - is the creator of the dual training model in Hungary.

Higher educational vocational training courses based on secondary education and postgraduate courses for students with diploma offer chances of getting new qualifications.

Scientific workshops of the university publish their achievements at national and international conferences and in Hungarian or foreign journals.

Students of the university can learn in modern, well-equipped buildings; accredited laboratories, libraries and training places support their preparation.

Special courses, scientific and artistic associations, competitions are all part of talent management.



  • GAMF - Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Teacher Training Faculty
  • Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Developement
  • Faculty of Economy (Szolnok)
  • Faculty of Economics and Business



  • Students support
  • ERASMUS+ mobility
  • Competence-based skill development
  • Language exam centres
  • Job fair
  • Students’ hostel in both towns
  • Sporting facilities at every campus
  • Free time activities organised by student council
  • Adult training
  • Professional Advice

Unique features

  • Operating vehicle constructing teams
  • Artistic groups
  • Training Hotel, House of Scientist


BA in Programmes English