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John von Neumann University

Why choose Kecskemét?

“The real question is: 'Why shouldn’t you?' Kecskemét is Hungary's eighth-largest city by population, and seventh-largest by area. Having benefited from more than 800 billion Hungarian forints' worth of investment, Kecskemét offers a flourishing infrastructure and real estate market, a multinational corporate environment, a buzzing cultural life, festivals, more than a hundred restaurants, a municipal theatre, a spa and pool complex, and of course, the University itself. I could go on and on, but I simply adore this lovely, liveable and hospitable city — its beautiful main square with the holiday lights, for instance.”

― Zita Finta, Chancellor


Pallasz Athéné University

Why choose John von Neumann University?

“I must admit I’m biased, but there is indeed much to be proud of! In the past couple of years, the University has developed spectacularly, by leaps and bounds, and many of us have worked really hard to achieve that. First of all, ‘Neumann’ is diverse. It offers prestigious, practice-oriented study programmes in four academic disciplines. Our multinational corporate partners ― including Mercedes-Benz and Knorr Bremse ― are basically ‘within our gates’: we have obtained national acclaim in dual training, and the launching of marketable and modern study programmes in Economics in Kecskemét has fulfilled the University’s long-time ambition. The University matters to the city and to my colleagues, and that really shows. Not to mention our ‘wonder campus’! What more do you need?”

― Piroska Ailer, PhD, Rector


Mission statement

The long-term objective of John von Neumann University is to become a “citadel” for state-of-the-art education, research, development and innovation (R&D&I), technology transfer and services in Hungary and East-Central Europe, contributing to the creation of a knowledge-based European society and preserving the educational and cultural traditions of its predecessors.

The cornerstones of the University's value system are: professional commitment, student-orientedness, an ethical and empathic approach, quality, efficiency, responsibility, and reliability. In the creation of its programmes, this University of applied sciences aims to strike a balance between core fundamentals, modern know-how that can prepare students directly for their professional careers, and the practical application of such knowledge. The University continuously adapts its educational potential to European trends and demands, and takes on a lion’s share in regional research and development projects.

The University’s network of relations, readiness to cooperate, and study programmes that are constantly adapted to accommodate changing trends in economic and social life, guarantee that, in accordance with the strategic aims of Hungarian higher education, our graduates will be highly-qualified professionals who are equipped with marketable knowledge and competencies that the labour market demands and recognises.