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Life at the faculty

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Why choose the Teacher Training Faculty?

“The Teacher Training Faculty of John von Neumann University is a prime choice! In addition to the high-level theoretical training, our practices are also top-quality. In the practice school affiliated with the University, we can acquire the most important methodological know-how of our profession from kind and affectionate teachers in a calm and inspirational environment. Assistance and attention are the biggest virtues of our mentor teachers. The message communicated by all is that being a kindergarten teacher or a primary school teacher is a ‘vocation’, and it is only with the heart and diligence that you can teach and educate children properly.”

— Dóra Horváth, kindergarten education student 

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About the faculty

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Our training covering early childhood education combines the centuries-old traditions of  pre-school and teacher education in Kecskemét and the most modern theory and practice of up-to-date education. In addition to the basics, we offer specialized further training for the professional advancement of the teachers in the region. Traditionally, a strong practical training is provided by the Faculty's school and kindergarten. Our students and instructors are characterized by active artwork, research and workshops in many fields and good positions in national scientific competitions. Studies are provided by local scholarships, vocational schools and self-learning circles.

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Teacher Training Faculty

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The training structure involving the whole scale of the education of young children compiles the almost hundred-year old tradition of training preschool and primary school teachers in Kecskemét and the latest theoretical and practical means of preparation for modern education. 

Our mission is to educate teachers so that they are thoroughly trained and prepared for their profession and have a good understanding of different teaching methodologies. Our core values include humanism, community development, the preservation of traditions, an advanced cultivation of sciences and arts, and professional commitment.

Why choose the Teacher Training Faculty? 

“Teacher training in Kecskemét prides itself on a century-old tradition. Our educational portfolio reflects one of the most important phases of human life, lasting from infancy to young adulthood. Our students can benefit from top-quality, practice-oriented training — one of the best programmes in the country — and a degree taken here offers access to a wide range of employment opportunities. Our graduates have an opportunity to demonstrate their organisational, problem-solving, and communicative skills in many ways. During their studies, our students become acquainted with various academic fields and artistic branches. Surrounded each day by the love and enthusiasm of the children they work with, teachers can accompany these young students along the road of learning and pass on the best of their knowledge to them, thus shaping future generations. ”

— Tamás Fülöp, PhD, dean, college professor

Faculty location and environs

The impressive building complex that hosts the Teacher Training Faculty is situated in the centre of the dynamically developing town of Kecskemét, and is easily accessible by car and public transport.


Our practice teaching facilities

Petőfi Sándor Practice Primary School and Kindergarten (affiliated with John von Neumann University)

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Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development

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The Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development in Kecskemét has been training future horticulturalists for six decades, while study programmes in rural development and agricultural economics were launched 15 years ago. Thanks to the Faculty's high standard of practice-oriented and pragmatic training, its graduates are welcomed with open arms in all segments of agriculture. The practice orientated training is supported by demonstration gardens, training farms and product engineering factory units. The number of partners involved in dual training is increasing.

Why choose the Faculty of Horticulture and Rural Development? 

“Our graduates are engineers who possess both an entrepreneurial spirit and specialised expertise that can be adapted even in the context of a rapidly changing industrial structure. Furthermore, they aren't intimidated by the need to regularly update their knowledge. Thanks to the pragmatic skills acquired at the Faculty, they can create a stable existence for themselves and their families, either as employees or as entrepreneurs, for there is a growing demand for highly qualified professionals who — in addition to their expertise in production — possess adequate knowledge in matters of organisation, marketing, logistics and EU affairs.

“The Faculty's master's programmes endow these new agricultural professionals with skills, competencies and knowledge that is applicable anywhere in Europe. Graduates may pursue their studies in the framework of doctoral programmes or post-graduate specialist courses as well. The latter are also open to students with a bachelor’s degree.”

— András Palkovics, PhD, dean, associate college professor, head of the Practice Farmland and Display Garden

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