John von Neumann University



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Science House

The building has facilities for students, teachers and public. The kitchen serves not only for events and residents of the house, but also the people living in the neighborhood and the staff of the surrounding institutions and businesses. The recreation, wellness area and bowling are also open to everybody. The house is well equipped for holding events. Depending on the number of participants different rooms are available, including meals and recreational facilities.



H6000 Kecskemét, Homokszem street 3-5. 


+36(76)514 760


Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8.00-16.00







Károly Roza

Deputy chief of Homokbánya Dormitory and Science House

+36 (76) 516 763


Groundfloor: recreation area with wellness and bowling 

First floor : event facilities, multipurpose space, meeting rooms, section rooms, Netcafe


Second floor : nine well-equipped apartments with bathroom and kitchenette, brain storming rooms




Fourth floor : multifunctional social area with team rooms for lectures and for groups 



Smart university, modern campus

A digital knowledge bank, free “smart” devices and Wi-Fi, a 500-person lecture hall and holographic projector ― a state-of-the-art, 21st-century University Campus in Kecskemét opened its gates in 2019.

The newly established Faculty of Economics and Business at John von Neumann University features an impressive building complex with a vast, landscaped park and lookout point. Environment-friendly solutions are deployed in the Campus's “green” building design, and electricity for the Wi-Fi and outdoor USB ports is partly supplied by solar energy.

As traditional “frontal instruction” teaching methods have started to be pushed into the background in recent years and 21st-century educational technologies have gained ground, methods relying on integrated and interactive technical devices have come to the fore.

Students no longer attend lectures as passive listeners, but actively participate in them, and in the spirit of two-way communication they can react immediately. In the seminar rooms they can immerse themselves in small-group project assignments and accomplish set tasks more efficiently.

The Kecskemét Campus provides instructors and students with access to several efficient and state-of-the-art amenities that are still quite rare in Hungary (special applications, virtual spaces, real-time holographic projection etc.). Modern educational technologies support distance learning, thus facilitating the harmonisation of studies, work and private life, as well as international cooperation and knowledge-sharing. In addition to the freely available smart devices, computers and Wi-Fi service, applications also help students to manage their life and better organise their daily routine.

The Campus’s own social media platform allows students to keep in touch with each other and support the flow of the latest information, while the combined blended-learning educational model offers a community experience. Using this model, instructors can combine traditional classroom-teaching instruments with possibilities opened up through the Internet and digital media.

Educational centres all over the world place an emphasis on making their facilities accessible for the disabled. John von Neumann University offers mobility and access solutions for the visually and hearing impaired, as well as for students with physical disabilities.