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List and description of Erasmus courses 2021/2022



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List and description of Erasmus courses 2021/2022


Although we do everything to ensure the availability of your chosen modules, in some cases the level of interest may not be high enough for the module to run.



Intercultural Course

Intercultural Course is a compulsory Erasmus course for every incoming Erasmus student in the whole academic year.

The course contains some social exercises such as national events when you introduce your home country or international days when you need to cooperate with other foreign and local students or make videos or photos about your Erasmus life at John von Neumann University. It offers some trips in Hungary or visiting some interesting institutions in Kecskemét as well.

In the most case these events take place in the youth international community called English Chat Club in Kecskemét, which is operated by young Hungarian students and foreign volunteers. The course is controlled by the institutional Erasmus Coordinator and the other workers in the International Office.


What is it about?

Erasmus students represent their culture. It gives us an excellent chance to discover each other’s culture in different ways.

You will have different tasks to do:

  1. Make a quiz about your country, city, university, culture etc. or make a short presentation (20-25 min ~ 20 slides) about your country, city, university, culture, going out, etc.
  2. Prepare a national food (and drink) that the others can taste. Make photos and video as documentations of this food-making process.
  3. For the musicians: play some music or sing in your language.

For the others: bring some good music in your language. Dance is also acceptable.


You are also asked to prepare a video (max. 3-4 min) at the end of your Erasmus mobility.

Its title can be

-          „My Erasmus story” – individual product;

-          „Our Erasmus story” – group of friends’ product.

This video will be about:

-          Kecskemét, your favourite places (where to go, what to visit);

-          John von Neumann University, your classes /practice;

-          your trips in Hungary, in other surrounding countries;

-          why you recommend Hungary for students who are thinking about become an Erasmus student.