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John von Neumann University in the Hungarian higher education system

The Hungarian higher education is the system of public, religious and private institutions. Among the 28 state-maintained higher education institutions there are 26 universities and 3 colleges. John von Neumann University, which is one of the 5 public universities of applied sciences, is specialized in the fields of engineering, information technology, economy, agriculture and pedagogy.

Year of foundation: 2016

Pallasz Athéné University was established with the merger of the Colleges of Kecskemét and Szolnok. The two founding institutions played a crucial role in the Hungarian higher education before the merger as well.


Number of students: ~ 5000

Staff: 632

Faculties: 4

Teaching staff: 217

Teachers with a doctoral degree: 109


BA/BSc courses: 17

MA/MSc courses: 3

Number of premises: 16

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